Sound Therapy

Domain: Energy

“Healing” means to make whole, restore to original purity or integrity, to return to a sound state. We are continually influenced by rhythms and vibrations of sounds. Vibrations are a powerful physical force that can be felt throughout, not only heard by our ears. Vibrations affect every cell and molecule of our bodies.

As living, vibrating, organisms, we are changing all of the time. We are emitting vibrations outward which affect others around us as well as receiving vibrations from the environment. There is a continuous interchange and flow of these vibrations which affects the electromagnetic energies within and around us. We each have a unique vibrational frequency, our own underlying tone which expresses our life force and essential nature. Our bodies are like musical instruments that need regular tuning.

All the different parts of our being express a symphony of vibration, dancing and singing in perfect harmony. When our rhythms and vibrations are not in alignment and harmony, all levels of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, we fall into states of disease and stress. We become ill, suppressing our natural expanding consciousness and flow of energy.

Through the power of sound and vibration, we can begin to heal our wounds and replenish our life force, learning ways to reconnect with our deepest inner rhythms, and re-tune the frequencies of our bodies.

Scientists have shown that sounds and music affect our brain waves, metabolism and physiological responses and can create profound cellular change. In fact, science relies on sound in many imaging techniques and treatments commonly at work in traditional hospitals. This language of vibration, frequency and sound is proving to be a common field for conversation in the integrative medical landscape.

Tuning forks, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, vocalizing, chanting, drums, bells and rattles carry us into deep levels of our being, expand our consciousness, and bring us closer to harmony within ourselves and the rhythms of the universe.


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