Thank you for coming to Integrate Columbus as a trusted community resource. We each believe so strongly in IC’s vision that we volunteer our given gifts to support and drive the organization. In accepting a leadership role, and in alignment with IC’s values, we have each made the commitment to:

  • be accountable
  • hold each other accountable
  • communicate proactively and truthfully
  • spread positive news
  • promote socially conscious activity and relationships
  • bring love, compassion, concern and empathy
  • be eager and receptive to new solutions and innovative approaches
  • make our community and resources available to everyone

We think IC can make a big difference by filling this gap in our healthcare system, communities and personal care planning. We are most glad to be of service and stewards of this work.


The IC Board of Directors:
Melinda Cooksey Bekos
Tonya M. Sapp
Krista Sayre
Susie Schiering
Jay Zollars

The IC Community Council:
Maggie Abrams
Leisa Clymer
Michelle Gatchell
Colleen Linhart
Cindy Riggs
Renie Viola