There are countless articles, books, podcasts, videos, classes, etc. that can help you get informed about a diagnosis, medication, or supplement. It’s pretty rare at this point in the twenty-first century to find a total absence of materials on a given medical topic. If anything, the trouble can be parsing the sheer quantity of materials and gatherings available! 

Don’t let that stop you — pick a few resources and get started. Download a podcast. Check out a book. Subscribe to a reputable Youtube channel. Follow these resources to stay up to date and build a bigger picture of whether they mesh with your values. Over time, you’ll develop a few favorites and begin to zero in on what works best for you. 

Need Help Getting Started?

Support groups and relevant online forums can be good places to find recommendations from people familiar with whatever subject(s) you’re researching. 

Our own organization’s ever-growing archive of provider-submitted health and wellness articles is another great place to start.


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