Support Groups

There are three general categories of support groups containing hundreds if not thousands of different topics: 

  • Mutual 
  • 12-Step 
  • Therapy

Each of these types provide opportunities for connection, community, and emotional support. In addition to this, support groups will often be able to recommend or provide access to helpful resources for personal growth.

Coming to terms with the fact that others have had similar experiences to our own can be deeply grounding and comforting. For many people, it’s life-changing.

There are support groups for any purpose you can imagine (and probably some you can’t). Groups range from diagnosis-specific to those focused on broader concepts such as addiction, grief, or parenting. Peer-led and professionally facilitated meetings alike are available to you.

Additionally, if you aren’t comfortable attending a support group in person, there are plenty of virtual offerings available. 

Need Help Finding a Support Group?

Please reach out to our team at Integrate Columbus. We’re more than happy to connect you with an appropriate support group near you.

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