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Colleen B. Linhart

Domain: Beliefs | Biology | Mind / Body | Knowledge | Mechanics | Energy
9 years in business
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Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist

Intuitive Mindset Coach

Energy Codes Facilitator

Breathwork Coach

Reiki Practitioner

Over nearly 2 decades of corporate work serving private aviation clients, banking and Food Service Equipment Sales, Colleen continually recognized greater needs to help individuals become better versions of themselves, including herself.  We’ve all seen teams fall apart because of a single person struggling to lead their own life effectively. The ways in which each of us hold ourselves back from what is destined for us can be a story in and of itself.


She has witnessed and experienced how our physical and mental health can quickly become compromised when our emotional well-being and thought patterns are not in alignment with our soul’s purpose.  We all have varying degrees of unhealed trauma that re-emerges at inopportune moments.  These wounds ironically provide the greater opportunity for awareness for next steps forward in our journey through this lifetime, if we don’t keep ignoring or hiding from these wounds.


Colleen utilizes proven conversational techniques and various energy modalities to help uncover root causes of physical and emotional ailments.  This allows more streamlined treatment opportunities and faster relief.  Clients are also more quickly able to release troubling emotions such as anxiety, anger and fear.  She teaches clients simple ways to enjoy a more peaceful coherence within their body.


For anyone looking to change a thought pattern or behavior pattern that no longer serves them or is simply ready to become a better version of themselves, Colleen truly enjoys walking alongside her clients as they discover the next chapter ahead in their lives.


Colleen lives in Westerville, Ohio, and meets clients virtually, in person and travels to clients as her schedule allows.



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Provides telehealth

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