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Christina Jovonn



I am Christina Jovonn the founder of Whimsical Yogis.

Recently, I completed something that has been on my bucket list, becoming a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. I started doing yoga about 13 years ago, after my mother had a severe stroke. I began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, of course the doctor’s wanted to put me on meds, and for me that was not the right choice. My breathing just got all out of wack, to the point I was using an inhaler in a nightclub because I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. After that incident I knew there had to be a better way. My best friend and I decided to take a yoga class from a man that we found on craigslist, go figure lol. The class was quite interesting, at one point we were doing yoga to the sounds of Keith Sweat. Out of all of this, the one thing I learned was how to properly breathe and that alone changed my life. Since my first yoga class in 2006 I have been practicing sporadically, and just recently dove into yoga teacher training.

My professional background is in Early Childhood Education, mostly teaching in the classroom. When I was in the classroom, I would do yoga with my preschoolers in the morning to get settled into the classroom and adjust from the transition from home to school. We would also do yoga after our outdoor time, nothing major, some belly breathing and a few poses. My students loved this calm down time and would ask to do yoga even when I didn’t feel up to it. After seeing my most challenging students take 5-10 minutes to calm their bodies and minds, I noticed how this positively affected the rest of their day. That’s when I knew that I wanted to teach yoga full time to children.

My mission is to spark curiosity, playfulness and wonder in children through yoga, mindfulness and meditation that enhances social emotional learning.


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