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The Trager Approach is the innovative approach to movement education, created and developed over a period of 65 years by Milton Trager, M.D.

There are two aspects of The Trager Approach; one in which you, the client, are passive and the other in which you are active. The passive aspect is usually referred to as the tablework, and the active aspect is called Mentastics.

Utilizing gentle, non-intrusive, natural movements, The Trager Approach helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity. These patterns may have developed in response to accidents, illnesses, or any kind of physical or emotional trauma, including the stress of everyday life.

A session usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. No oils or lotions are used and the client is dressed for their comfort, with a minimum of swimwear or briefs, and are additionally draped appropriately.

During the table work session the client is passive and lying on a comfortably padded table. The practitioner moves the client in ways they naturally move, and with a quality of touch and movement such that the recipient experiences the feeling of moving that effortlessly and freely on his/her own.

The movements are never forced so that there is no induced pain or discomfort to the client.

This quality of effortless movement is maintained and reinforced by Mentastics. These are simple, active, self induced movements which you, the client, can do on your own, during your daily activities. They have the same intent as the table work in terms of releasing deep-seated patterns.

For many people, Mentastics becomes a part of their life in taking care of themselves, and relieving themselves of stress and tension.

Because many of the effects of The Trager Approach are cumulative, clients most often appreciate and will benefit most from a series of sessions.

One of the most potent aspects of The Trager Approach is the ability to recall the feeling of deep relaxation, and how it feels to move freely and easily.

Who does it?

Certified Practitioners of The Trager Approach have successfully completed the certification program provided by Trager International, and have maintained continuing education, and other requirements of Trager International. Trager International maintains a database of Certified Practitioners worldwide. If you have any question about someone’s credentials, you are advised to contact Trager International for verification.



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