Pregnancy Bodywork

Domain: Mind / Body | Mechanics

Bodywork includes any hands-on modality, such as, but not limited to, massage.  This can include services performed during pregnancy or following pregnancy.  Special tables and/or table accessories allow mom to lay on her stomach if she chooses or bolsters and pillows can be used for comfortable positioning.  Bodywork during pregnancy is a wonderful way for mom to help her body adapt, nurture herself and enjoy the beautiful experience of carrying a baby.

Benefits may include:

  • decreased anxiety
  • encourages relaxation
  • elevates mood
  • improves comfort
  • improves sleep
  • soothes joint, neck and back pain
  • reduces leg cramping
  • relieves symptoms of sciatica
  • reduces swelling in hands and feet
  • reduces carpal tunnel pain
  • reduce headaches

Check with a qualified provider before receiving prenatal work if you are in your first trimester, have diabetes, morning sickness, regular vomiting or have been diagnosed with preeclampsia or high blood pressure, have a fever, contagious virus or abdominal pain or bleeding.