Neuro Optometry

Domain: Biology | Mind / Body | Mechanics

Neuro-optometric services are provided to individuals who have vision related problems associated with neurological disease, trauma, metabolic or congenital conditions. When the visual system is disturbed neurologically, it can adversely affect activities of daily living for both children and adults.

All patients suffering from neurological disease, trauma or conditions should be referred to a doctor of optometry for a comprehensive eye and neuro-optometric services.

What is neuro-optometry:

Neuro-optometric services include:

  • Comprehensive evaluations of sensory motor, visual field, accommodative, and oculomotor function
  • Visual processing evaluations
  • Ocular health examinations
  • Special testing, such as electro-diagnostic services
  • Therapy options
  • Coordination of care with other health care professionals and rehabilitation specialists, such as occupational, physical and speech therapist


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