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When it comes to our medical records and the current state of the national healthcare system, we cannot count on any provider or network to be our single source of truth. Actually, this lack of a centralized network is one of the gaps that Integrate Columbus exists to bridge. More information about our mission and values is readily available, but until our vision of a more integrated healthcare community comes to fruition, it remains up to each of us as individuals to assume responsibility over our own medical records. 

Organizing Your Own Medical Records

To some extent, the metrics of your health should always be in your hands anyway. It’s important that you have access to your labs/images and understand what they’re telling you. Keep this information organized somewhere for easy access and reference. 


Similarly, did you know that you can keep a tangible file of your doctor’s MyChart for yourself? If your doctor uses this system, make sure you activate it, log in, and print or download your information.  This is an easy way to begin organizing your medical history and documentation.  

Monitoring From Home

There are also several metrics you can monitor by yourself from home, although we often assume we need to visit a doctor’s office for them. These include your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and steps/activity.   

Ordering Labs/Images

Of course, laboratory tests (metabolic panels, lipid profiles, blood count numbers, thyroid tests, etc.) and images (x-rays, MRIs, CTs, doplars, etc.) often must be ordered by a healthcare provider.  

Pro Tip: Ask your doctor(s) to order common labs and images when you are well. They provide a good baseline to look back on should you ever develop symptoms in the future

Need Help Accessing Your Labs & Images?

There’s a common misconception that labs and images are only available to those with health insurance. This is not necessarily true. Most hospitals and facilities do have out-of-pocket payment options. If you’re having trouble finding a facility or provider that matches your need, please contact our organization and/or browse our directory of providers in Central Ohio.

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