Financial Wellness

It’s difficult to separate one’s health journey from the financial considerations that come with it. Between out-of-pocket expenses, health insurance premiums, deductibles, time off work, and copays, our wellbeing is intricately linked to our income and savings.  

Recognizing and accounting for financial stressors before they overwhelm us is essential to staying on top of our wellness goals. This allows us to plan for health challenges and set ourselves up for success by investing in tools such as health insurance, life insurance, and personal savings.

Financial fluidity comes from understanding, respecting, and caring for our finances the way we might our cholesterol levels or mental health. Financial wellness is a foundational aspect of our integrative wellbeing and a necessary step on the path to a healthier you.

Interested in Financial Wellness Resources?

Please reach out to our team at Integrate Columbus. We’re more than happy to point you toward a variety of helpful financial wellness resources.

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