Family Counseling

Domain: Knowledge

Every relationship in life begins with the relationship you have and/or don’t have with yourself.  From conception to approximately 7 years of age, we are conditioned with family values, morals, rules, opinions, likes, dislikes, and most importantly ways to love and be loved.  In these informative years, the circumstances we experience are being passed on from our lineage generation after generation.  As a result, we embark on our adult lives journey, often with defense mechanisms showing up in our actions and behaviors that may not be useful any longer.  Family counseling addresses the Big Picture, the WHOLE as it were, of past present and future.

As you learn to embrace everything from the perspective “it is what it is,” solutions become the focus rather than judgement.  Working toward solutions in the present moment allows all of the past to be honored and used as a foundation in the present to create a peaceful future.  Thus, ending old patterns with gratitude for the role they played up to now, paying forward the continuing opportunity to live peacefully and collectively.  This work begins with each individual learning how to become whole with themselves first.  As individuals embrace this as their daily practice, they provide others the opportunity to do the same. As parents share this way of life with their children, the process naturally pays forward and lives on in the descendants with honor and gratitude to the lineage.  Our lineage has gifted us with the opportunity to do this work.  Through teaching tools and communication skills, a recipe for successful relationships and peaceful living is imparted.