Direct Primary Care

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Direct Primary Care is a model of delivering healthcare that aims to bring the focus back to health and to the doctor-patient relationship.  Instead of billing insurance, DPC practices charge a monthly membership (or subscription) fee that buys care for the month, quarter, or year.  Free from the constraints of the insurance industry and the administrative burden that it generates, doctors typically offer longer visits and are better able to focus time and attention on developing personalized plans for long-term health and wellness, not just on the treatment of disease.  DPC emphasizes accessibility with robust ways of interacting with the doctor- often thru text or video-chat in addition to email, phone, and patient portals.  Some practices even offer home visits.  DPC aims to be affordable, often offering discounted labs, medications, procedures, and imaging.  It works well for people who are interested in having more time and access to their doctor, so they can dive deeper into health maintenance and care coordination, and the prevention, modification, and reversal of disease. It attracts both doctors and patients who want to live their best life.

DPC is not insurance, and as such, it is highly recommended for patients to carry a high-deductible health insurance plan or to participate in a medical-cost sharing plan for those times when specialist or catastrophic/emergent care is needed.


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