Diagnosis Education

Knowledge is power, and diagnosis education is critical to positioning ourselves to make the best decisions for our integrative wellbeing. Healthcare can get very confusing very quickly, but diagnosis education empowers us to take more responsibility over our individual situations. 

An appropriate level of awareness around the anatomy and physiology of our condition(s) allows us to incorporate the appropriate self-care into our day-to-day life. Elevating our awareness in this way can subtly inform activities, movements, and choices. Moreover, it gives us a clear point of focus for mediation, prayer, and any future inquiry or learning.

Diagnosis education also encompasses the work of identifying our best available resources. Not all nonprofits and public health resources will support your health journey in the same ways. Aligning with a resource that supports you and your journey often requires doing some research and consulting multiple organizations. For instance, the American Diabetes Association offers meal plans with the assumption that patients are taking insulin and other common medications. If you feel strongly about managing your diabetes without pharmaceutical support, they wouldn’t be a good resource for you.

Pro Tip: Make friends with your pharmacist and the employees at your health food store or dispensary. Ask them questions. Be sure they know you. Their knowledge and care are an important part of your healthcare network.  

What is Pharmacokinetics?

Very basically, pharmacokinetics is how a drug or supplement interacts with your physiology. Educating ourselves on the interactions and effects we should expect from what we take in helps us intentionally support a healthy pharmaceutical regimen. It also helps us stay safe and smart about what we put into our bodies.   

Questions about Diagnosis Education?

Please feel free to reach out to our team or browse our onsite resources. We’re more than happy to provide support however we can.

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