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Lisa Stromeier, LISW

Domain: Beliefs | Biology | Mind / Body | Knowledge | Mechanics | Energy
37 years in business
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I am a Psychotherapist with over 34 years of experience helping people overcome feelings of anxiety, grief, and PTSD. Several years ago I began studying with Terrence Watts, who created BWRT®  (Brainworking Recursive Therapy) a revolutionary way of helping people who experience anxiety, grief or PTSD feel better, often in 1-2 sessions.

BWRT® is a science-based, totally grounded methodology that deals with uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before you are even aware of them. While many approaches work on the response after it has been generated, with BWRT® the problem is dealt with ‘at the source’, before it even gets to the conscious mind. This approach leaves you feeling better and reacting in a way that feels more appropriate and uniquely “you”.

What a typical session looks like:

During a BWRT® session, you are completely responsible for changing your responses to your issues. I will act as a guide, helping you create a new neural pathway that bypasses your old response.


You will be asked a few questions about your background and what has brought you to seek my help. You will not be asked to reveal any secrets or intimate details about your life. This is a totally private approach in which you only have to be able to explain how you currently feel when confronted by a trigger and how you would rather feel instead.


In the session you will be asked to recall and visualize a memory of a time that your symptoms were at their worst. It’s not necessary to remember the cause, or even the first time you felt this way. You will also be asked to visualize how you would rather be feeling or acting when confronted by the trigger in the future. It generally takes 1-2 sessions depending on the complexities of your situation; however Generalized Anxiety Disorder requires several sessions due to the nature of its multiple triggers.

Once the session is completed you will be amazed at how easily you can now handle an old trigger.

This technique is especially helpful if you are experiencing

 PTSD from any trauma

(i.e active military duty, domestic violence, car accident, healthcare worker providing services during COVID pandemic, witnessing a traumatic event, etc…)

It’s also perfect for those who experience:

Fear of Flying

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Driving a Car

Fear of Large Groups of People

Fear of Spiders/Bugs

Fear of eating certain foods

Fear of Needles

(and most other fears/phobias)

Special Populations Served: Veterans, First Responders, Health Care Personnel, Survivors of Trauma (Physical, Sexual, Verbal, Emotional abuse), Survivors of Suicide


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